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What is bitcoin?

Why bitcoin?

Understanding crypto currencies can be a little hard at first but there are a lot of advantages to using crypto currencies over fiat currencies.

Highly Secure

Usage of crypto currencies is highly secure as it uses blockchain technology. There is a wide range of security options for protecting your wallet as well.

Fast International Payments

With Bitcoin international payments can be completed in a matter of few minutes. There is no banks involved and bitcoins are transffered electronically from your wallet to the receiver’s wallet

Zero to Low Fee

Bitcoin network is completely free and transfer of bitcoins can be done for a very low fee with an option to speed up the transfer by paying a separate fee.

Identity Protection

Identity theft is now a thing of the past as all Bitcoin transactions can be done anonymously and thus keeping your identity safe.

Open & Decentralized

The Bitcoin network uses blockchain technology which is a completely open and fully decentralized network. No one person/bank or country owns the network and thus you are free to use your bitcoins without being worried about someone else accessing your bitcoins.

How to get started?

Now that you know the advantages of using Bitcoins , you must be wondering how to get access to Bitcoins. Just follow the steps below and you can start playing using Bitcoins in no time.

1.Pick your wallet

Like other currencies, one needs a wallet to store the bitcoins. There are several online wallet providers out in the market like Blockchain, breadwallet, etc. It’s free, and only takes a few minutes to get your personal wallet.

3. Start playing and winning

Now that you have purchased some Bitcoins, you can deposit the bitcoins into your clubvegas999 gaming account to start playing . Depositing the bitcoin is simple, go to cashier info page and scan the QR code to send the bitcoins to your clubvegas999 gaming account.

2.Get your bitcoin

Once you have your personal wallet, you are all set to purchase some bitcoins. Getting your bitcoins is easier based on where you are located as you would find wide variety of local payment options like bank transfer , online banking, etc. through your local bitcoin providers. We recommend these for the following regions

Vietnam - Click Here

Thailand - Click Here

Worldwide - Click Here

Click Here



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